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Local Alton IL Towing & Repair Company
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Alton Area Towing & Repair has been serving satisfied customers in the Alton, Illinois area since 2001. People know that we’ll be there in a flash whenever they have car trouble. Alton is a vibrant community that sits on the limestone bluffs of the Mississippi River.  The town also has some interesting history. It was home to the tallest man in history, Robert Wadlow. This town was also the site of a debate featuring President Lincoln, and a P.O.W. camp during the civil war.

In addition to their rich history, they also get the best towing and repair services around. Our company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and the only American Auto Association contractor in the river bend area. We accept all major forms of payment and are open seven days a week for your convenience. Call today and get a free estimate on your next towing or repair job.

Towing Service Alton IL

Our business performs quality towing services for individual and commercial customers. Whether you need your car towed home from work, or the engine in your work van blew up; we’re the ones for the job. We perform our services 24/7 because you never know when you’ll have an auto emergency. Any vehicle you have; we can tow it. We take care of cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, and we offer heavy duty towing for large vehicles.

We can be on-site in a flash if you need accident removal service and can fit up to 2 passengers in one of our trucks. We can also offer parking lot enforcement. Don’t stand by while others use your parking lot, but not your business. Call us to tow any people parking unlawfully at your place of work or on your private property.

Repair Service Alton IL

In addition to our outstanding towing service, we also offer a speedy repair service when you need help fast. Our emergency road service can help when you’ve locked yourself out of your car; your car won’t start, and you need a jump, and for flat tires. Also, you can bring your vehicle into our facility for even more great services.

We can perform repair services on any automobile.  Additionally, we perform simple tune-up services, brakes replacement and repair, and starter repair. We have a mechanic staffed 24-hours for any time your car breaks down, and you need help.

Serving the 62002 zip code and all surrounding areas!

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Towing Alton IL

Alton Area Towing • 2906 E. Broadway Alton, IL 62002 • (618) 462-9826

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